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Ngai Tahu Property Limited


Detailed topographical survey of the proposed site for a new facility for NZ Blood Service in Christchurch, including a boundary reestablishment and an easement realignment survey and, after construction, a Tenancy Lease Measure survey.


  • Surveying

Project Period

2012 - 2014

With an increased demand for collection and manufacturing, evolving technology and increased regulatory expectations in blood services, NZ Blood required a new facility of size and layout to keep pace with need in the South Island.

Our work

We undertook a detailed topographical site survey of the proposed site to ensure a strong and reliable base of information was available for all design work for the development. Our surveyors carried out a boundary reestablishment and an easement realignment survey. We also did a visible assessment for signage. After the building was completed, we performed a Tenancy Lease Measure survey, to be included in the lease documentation.

The result

The development process went smoothly without any unexpected delays due to insufficient base data. The signage is prime signage in Christchurch.

The details

Location address: 15 Lester Lane, Addington, Christchurch

Local authority: Christchurch City Council

Project date: 2012 - 2014

Total project value: Unknown

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