Kat Salm

Head of Digital
Digital Solutions

Knowing that she’s helping to make the future cleaner, smarter, safer, healthier and more fulfilling for our next generation communities, is why Kat Salm loves her work at Harrison Grierson.

“I know that we are making a meaningful difference to Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our industry has a unique opportunity to shape the communities of our future. That’s not just about buildings and roads, but about the environments and ecosystems that people will live and work in.”

A creative and multi-talented operator with an impressive set of skills in her locker, Kat’s experience covers a wide range of business, technological and scientific expertise, including strategy and roadmap development, asset management, geospatial information and technologies, capability development, AI, and more.

While everyone at HG has a role to play in helping to create amazing communities, Kat and her digital wizards provide the insights to ensure the best decisions are made for our communities now and into the future. They also support collaboration for more integrated, holistic approaches to design.

“Finding ways to solve challenges in innovative and creative ways, understanding how the rapidly changing digital world influences and impacts what we do at HG and across the industry, and working out how we stay at the top of our game in this space,” is, says Kat, a daily buzz.

When Kat’s having away-from- screen time, she savours her morning coffee, and a daily walk with her pugs (Batman and Dexter).

PhD, Science – University of Canterbury

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