Sustainability - it's core to our business

Sustainability is central to our purpose and strategic direction. It is our goal to create resilient urban communities that are connected to their natural environment and will last through many lifetimes – these will ultimately become part of our legacy and our gift to Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We see our role as carers of the land as central to our business. When designing and building, care for the land, water, and people are central to our plans. We aim to deliver outcomes that benefit both current and future generations.

We’re also on a journey to reach net-zero climate impact by 2032 by decarbonising our operations and investing in climate solutions.

Harrison Grierson

We’re also on a journey to decarbonising our operations, with an interim target of achieving 30% below 2020 levels by 2026.

Water-sensitive urban design

We work with waterways, rivers, and harbours to incorporate open spaces, and create well-connected urban landscapes.

Resilient urban form

Our buildings and communities are designed to last for generations. They will be able to withstand environmental changes, and be able to grow.

Nature-enhanced communities

We work with nature, not against it. Open spaces, reserves, parks, and movement networks are priorities when we design. 

Human-centric communities

We design with the community in mind, so people can live, work, and play in harmony with nature. We aim to create more livable spaces which are closer to amenities, reducing the need to rely on private vehicle usage, thus lessening our impact on the environment.

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