Three Waters

Harrison Grierson's Three Waters team provides a comprehensive range of water, stormwater, and wastewater services to both private and public sector clients in urban and rural areas throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand.

With the increasing demand for Three Waters engineering expertise driven by environmental and drinking water legislation, our team is equipped with the water infrastructure, planning, and environmental professionals necessary to deliver effective solutions to our clients. 

We work collaboratively with you to fully understand your water infrastructure needs and bring in-depth knowledge of local government, regulatory changes, long-term planning processes, and the evolving contracting environment to develop and implement innovative water, stormwater, and wastewater networks and plants that are fit for purpose and designed for sustainability.

At HG, we provide expertise in developing catchment and stormwater management strategies that integrate with measures such as flood control, water quality, protection of natural areas, and access to recreational spaces. Our planning and design methods are optimised for every size of project, including major nationwide development. 

Our wastewater services include master planning, route selection, sewer design, consent applications, rehabilitation programs, feasibility studies, conceptual design, final design, construction management, startup and training, operations troubleshooting, and process and energy optimisation. We leverage our extensive experience in wastewater management to provide you with the expertise and resources necessary to develop and implement effective wastewater solutions.

Our water services at HG encompass new pipelines, control valves, metering, and pumping stations. We are experts in pipe bridges and rehabilitation techniques including trenchless solution design. Our process designs are based on raw water quality, and we have considerable experience in treatments for specific chemical contaminants and various disinfection technologies. Our completed treatment plants range from conventional to membrane filtration, and we provide comprehensive training and support to ensure the ongoing success of our clients' water infrastructure.

"Experience, expertise, and collaboration deliver sustainable solutions that address our clients' water infrastructure needs, while staying ahead of the curve with regulatory changes and long-term planning processes."

Anita SimpsonThree Waters Manager

Meet our Three Waters team

Meet our Three Waters team

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