Health, Safety & Wellbeing

"Everyone has the right to go home safely each day, and to attend work knowing that their health, safety and wellbeing is being proactively considered, monitored and managed."

Peter EngelbrechtSHEQ Lead, Health & Safety

At Harrison Grierson, we are committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment for our team. We believe that it's possible for workplaces to be free from accidents or harm - and that it’s everyone’s duty to continuously improve our working environment by looking after ourselves and our work mates.

At HG we don’t believe that introducing more health & safety systems, procedures, and auditing the business will bring about change. People become overwhelmed and regard it as just another management exercise.

HG believe that a positive change culture occurs when people are empowered to be part of everyday health, safety and wellbeing. This means having open conversations about their tasks, exploring potential improvements together, and encouraging an active learning approach which encourages people to think critically when planning out daily tasks. 

By taking this approach we can ensure that everyone is working safely whilst also fostering an atmosphere of care for the wellbeing of our entire team.

Our commitment to safety is embedded in every aspect of how we operate - from prevention strategies through to aspirational goals - so that everyone can feel secure while they’re at work.

Changing the way we think 

Our leaders and managers demonstrate their commitment to health & safety by getting out and engaging with their workforce. This changes organisational behaviour and culture and encourages active participation from all levels. HG staff engage at all levels of health & safety decision making via our SafetyTogether@HG representatives, by providing input to any changes in systems, process, and procedure.

Typical company hierarchy follows the pyramid structure with management at the top and front-line staff at the bottom. But reaching a true health & safety culture means turning this model on its head, creating an open and honest environment where everyone can have a say.

It’s better for those involved in the day-to-day activities to identify health & safety improvements and work with management to drive these improvements. This leads to greater buy-in from colleagues at all levels.

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