Surveying is in our DNA. We’ve been providing urban design, surveying and spatial services for almost 140 years. We're proud of our rich heritage providing reliable surveying and spatial services in some of the toughest conditions in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

The surveying services we provide are second-to-none and include topographic surveys, cadastral surveys, 3D scanning, UAV capability, Volumetric Surveys, Rentable Area Surveys, Construction and Civil Setout and more. Our team of experienced professionals is versed in the latest surveying technologies and methodologies, which allows us to ensure the highest possible accuracy and efficiency in our work.

We work closely with other HG disciplines to create the infrastructure of modern towns and cities, from public transport and roads to energy distribution and telecommunications networks. We also work seamlessly with external businesses to help address big issues such as disaster response, resilience and climate change. We are recognised for our innovative and sustainable approaches to surveying, embracing the latest technologies and approaches.

Our surveying services are integral to the design and planning of any urban environment, and have been used for a variety of projects, ranging from housing developments, commercial construction and industrial complexes to public parks and trails.

"We go above and beyond simply collecting data; we unlock the potential of your land and assets by delivering insights that help our clients make informed decisions."

Lee DoveNational Survey Manager

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