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Harrison Grierson Digital leads our clients into the future. Leveraging our expertise in location intelligence and HG’s rich history, we’re reimagining how digital can play a role in creating communities and driving business performance. We partner with you to imagine the possible.

We work in partnership with our clients and collaborators to fully understand your requirements and challenges, so we can provide fit-for-purpose, best-practice solutions and outcomes. We adopt a design thinking approach, and our team of creative, adaptive problem solvers bring a diverse range of skills, knowledge, and experience to every project.

As specialists in spatial data systems integration, and end-to-end digital engineering, we offer design, development, support and maintenance services for digital solutions and integrated systems to ensure they’re delivering for you.

We work with our clients to understand their business and projects - and their unique digital and data needs, developing solutions for them that supercharge their insights, efficiencies, and outcomes. On top of our end-to-end view, we can also help with current state reviews, system design and architecture, full stack development and integration, automation and optimisation and a full suite of ongoing support and maintenance services for their solutions.

We also offer consulting and advisory services as a trusted advisor, including digital and spatial strategy review and roadmap development for organistions, information management review and recommendations, and digital enterprise solutions and management.

We also have a suite of digital products including LandID - a tool to help identify the best site options for your next development; the Street Design Tool – which helps you plan streetscapes quickly and efficiently to comply with council requirements; e-SAM – an address validation data service that provides accurate and standardised address and geospatial data; and the Property Lease Manager Tool - which streamlines the rental management processes.

Our goal is to create the next generation of safe, sustainable, healthy communities through data-driven insights and application of smart technologies, and to enable efficient and effective delivery of outcomes of the highest safety and quality standards.

Our Digital Products

At HG Digital we’ve developed a suite of unique digital tools that can help our teams and our clients harness data and enable them to make more informed decisions on their projects, increase efficiencies, and accuracy.

HG LandID Service

LandID is a unique digital tool that can help you find and evaluate your next development opportunity. Find out how it can help you find the perfect site.

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HG ObstacleID Service

ObstacleID is our advanced obstruction survey and analysis tool that helps identify hazards and obstacles in the airspace around aerodromes, helping them stay CAA compliant.

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"Leading the way in location intelligence, HG digital partners with clients to reimagine the future, delivering innovative and customised solutions to create amazing communities and drive resilient and sustainable solutions."

Kat SalmHead of Digital

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