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Harrison Grierson specialises in transportation and traffic services with our team of transportation engineers and planners providing expert services in transportation planning, traffic engineering, road safety and road design.

We’re highly experienced in working with local and central government and private sector clients across Aotearoa New Zealand to develop and implement solutions for urban and rural projects, big and small. We are committed to delivering innovative and sustainable transportation solutions that meet our client's needs and provide long-lasting benefits to communities.

We take a holistic approach to transportation planning, considering all modes of transport, including passenger transport and active modes, such as walking and cycling. We’re well-equipped to handle transportation planning studies, assessments, and research. We also provide project feasibility investigation and reporting, concept planning, scheme and detail design, traffic and transportation modeling, and cycle and pedestrian facility planning and design.

Our transportation services include integrated transportation assessments, safe system assessment audits, crash reduction studies, integrated road and infrastructure design, project documentation, management, and MSQA resource consent assessments for councils. We look at expert witness services including planning and environment court hearings for councils and our private clients.

We always work collaboratively with our clients to deliver high-quality transportation solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, and we are committed to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions that result in successful projects and more sustainable communities.

"Innovative and sustainable transportation and traffic solutions that meet our client's needs and keep our communities safely moving forward."

Steve JonesNational Infrastructure Manager

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