Design Studio

We are in the business of building places for people to thrive and engage with their surroundings. Our Design Studio is comprised of a talented bunch of urban designers and landscape architects who are passionate about guiding clients to build thoughtful, practical communities.

Our team understand places and know how to discover what is special about them. We believe in the respectful design of spaces and combine creative and technical expertise to bring environmental considerations and community together.

Our goal is to create holistic designs that combine considerations for our future generations and the unique identity that makes Aotearoa, New Zealand special. We strive to create sustainable communities that minimise their impact on the environment and support long-term growth and resilience.

Our Design Studio consultancy experience ranges from the small and unique to complex large scale; from concept through to construction. Our skills include strategic site planning/feasibility testing, assessments, master planning, comprehensive developments, public realm design, transportation planning, riparian and waterway enhancement, walkways and wayfinding. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and we will work closely with you right from the start to understand your vision and develop a plan that incorporates your unique needs and goals.

"The Design Studio plays a critical role in shaping the future of our communities. Our Urban Designers and Landscape Architects work determines not just how we live, but also how we interact with our environment, each other and the world around us."

Lisa JackDesign Studio Manager

Meet our Design Studio team