HG LandID Service

LandID is a unique digital tool that can help you find and evaluate your next development opportunity. Find out how it can help you find the perfect site.

LandID does the legwork for you

No more wading through websites, spreadsheets and reports, LandID provides you with a single source of truth for the location. The LandID service utilises a digital tool that can be customised to capture your own specific criteria when searching for potential sites. It’ll narrow down your options, and show you critical information for each potential site.

Support to turn your vision into reality

With your shortlist of sites we can then provide detailed feasibility assessments and help establish a comparative ranking for the properties or compare possible concepts. Then, once you’ve made the decision to purchase, our extensive design and engineering expertise can help turn your vision into reality.

More informed decision-making

Our experts will work with you in a collaborative workshop, enabling more informed conversations about potential sites. We’ll use our expertise in sourcing and analysing public and proprietary data to match your criteria. This data is used by our digital tool to give the right information at our fingertips and visually displays this information in a simple way for use in the workshop.

The insights generated from the LandID tool and the collaborative workshop will help you to identify, refine, and prioritise a shortlist of suitable sites whilst considering any potential risks, issues, or opportunities. This allows faster, more robust decisions to be made.

LandID Service Steps

Step 1

Initial client conversations

Step 2

Discovery workshop

Step 3

LandID tool configuration

Step 4

Interactive workshop(s)

Step 5

Report post workshop

Step 6 (optional)

Detailed feasibility pre purchase

Step 7 (optional)

Post purchase expertise

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