Claire van der Heijden

Finance Manager

What’s super-rewarding for Claire about her role as Finance Manager, is collaborating with the wider Harrison Grierson team, and ensuring her own team members are thriving.

Claire also enjoys helping HG to achieve its company goals and her own team members to reach their potential.  “It’s all about the people,” she says.  “And supporting our teams to create amazing and resilient communities.”

Claire’s pleased to work for a New Zealand-owned company that’s been around for a long time (138 years and counting) and has stood the test of time.  This is the same way, she says, that HG helps to build communities within Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Away from work, Claire’s developed a good Spotify playlist and adores spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Bachelor of Business, CA qualified (Member of Chartered Accountants of Australia & New Zealand

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