Cy Walker

Digital Delivery Manager / Solutions Architect

Cy’s business skills extend way beyond his passion for effective Information Systems and Knowledge Management.

With a background in supervisory roles across many different sectors including energy, insurance, manufacturing, local government, and construction, Cy has since honed his expert eye on the world of engineering and design.

Now at Harrison Grierson, he leads our talented team of Product Owners, Developers and Spatial Data Analysts, working closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and identify opportunities where digital tech can help to make all the difference – then executing with gusto. 

“It is very special to be part of an organisation that contributes towards a truly sustainable future for our communities and whenua,” he says. 

Outside of his working day, Cy loves reconnecting with nature, whether by swimming, walking, mountain biking, surfing or playing tennis in the open air. He also relishes spending time with his family – and is always on the lookout for the next piece of shiny tech to keep him entertained.


MBA – Southern Cross University

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