David Needham

Head of Operations

A popular Head of Operations, David oversees the operation and delivery of all functions within the Harrison Grierson business environment.

In his varied and influential role, he is responsible for the leadership of multiple disciplinary teams - both nationally and regionally – ensuring the company delivers for a range of private and public clients in the property and development sectors.

“Working with the fantastic people we have in HG is what excites me the most, “ he says, “along with our clients who are driven to do great things.”

With over 25 years’ resource management and planning under his belt, David’s professional experience covers local government and consultancy fields for a wide variety of individual and corporate customers, including developers, local and regional councils, and electricity generators.

When he’s not putting his extensive expertise to good use, David enjoys mountain biking, spending time with his family, searing a steak on the BBQ - and talking about sport to anyone who cares to share a yarn or two.

Resource and Environmental Planning - Massey University

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