Jan Franta

Technical Director - Transport

Jan Franta is an experienced transport engineer having honed his craft while exploring the historic streets of Prague, adapting to the Arctic conditions in Finland, embracing the modern urbanism of Berlin, navigating through the dynamic hustle of London, and facing the distinct challenges in Abu Dhabi. 

Now firmly with his feet on the ground here in Aotearoa New Zealand, Jan finds it exciting to blend these global insights with New Zealand's engineering expertise and cultural perspectives. 

A keen paraglider and mentor for Big Buddy in his space time, Jan works out of our Auckland office but can be often found at the LEAD Alliance, where he heads the transportation team working on the Tāmaki Regeneration Project - New Zealand's most ambitious brownfield renewal to date. 

Like most engineers, Jan is a keen problem-solver and loves how transport engineering can shape how people interact with urban spaces. 

What does the future of transport engineering look like for Jan?

‘’I'm hoping for a future where we rely less on long-distance travel and more on diverse, local transport options. The goal is to have neighbourhoods where most of our needs are met locally, reducing our dependence on cars. In cases where travel is necessary, I see a variety of transport modes being available and efficiently managed – think bikes, public transit, walking paths, alongside traditional vehicles, all designed to be inclusive, sustainable, accessible, and user-friendly.  Professionals like traffic engineers, transport planners, architects, and urban planners need to work hand in hand to holistically design communities meeting these criteria.’’

MSc(Eng) CPEng CMEngNZ

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