Karen West

Chief Executive

Karen’s strategic strengths, leadership and innovative thinking were recognised by her appointment as Chief Executive on 23 June 2023. These qualities were also why she was the first woman employee at HG to be appointed to our board, and to the Infrastructure New Zealand Board.

Karen believes that getting our client and our employee experiences both right is when the magic happens at HG. And ensuring we make that magic happen is at the core of what she does.

Since 2011, Karen’s been leading the focus on clients and outstanding service delivery, as well as a cultural change to people-first values and practices. That’s because she knows that people are at the heart of HG, and that everyone benefits from this approach.

“HG’s all about creating better communities,” says Karen. “By creating an amazing HG community for people to work in, we’re building a people-centric culture that enables next generation thinking for all our clients and our communities."

When she’s not working, Karen enjoys spending time at Whangamatā with family and friends.

Board member of Infrastructure New Zealand

Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors

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