Robert Bouton

Land Development Manager - Christchurch & Wellington

For over 20 years, Robert’s excelled as a Project Manager and Project Engineer. He’s been busy on a wealth of multi-disciplinary projects ranging from mining to brown field land development. Involving the design, fabrication, construction and commissioning of council, commercial, and industrial facilities, this experience has provided Robert with outstanding technical knowledge and an adaptability to relevant design codes, operational challenges, and vesting processes. 

Today, Robert leads a team of multi-disciplinary land development and civil engineers and professional service providers, internal and external, delivering exciting projects from Wellington to Queenstown. He combines planning, design, implementation, operational, production and maintenance requirements to develop comprehensive and coherent project scopes, always putting our clients’ needs front of mind.

Robert says he hasn’t looked back since moving to Aotearoa New Zealand from South Africa in 2020. He loves our lifestyle and spends his spare time on motorcycle adventures, paddleboarding, playing bass guitar, and enjoying good food with friends and family.

National Diploma: Civil Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management

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