Sarah Rasmussen

Project Finance Manager

Sarah loves knowing that Harrison Grierson is working on projects that truly matter to the future of Aotearoa New Zealand.  She also loves data analysis and puzzle solving as well as working with a fantastic range of people across the company.

“In my role, I help our leaders stay across the financial and commercial health of their projects, she says. Through reporting and regular meetings, my team contributes to their decisions about where we branch out, what types of projects we bring through the door and how we resource them.”

Sarah’s proud of her team, and their broad range of skills including being super-users in multiple systems, staying knowledgeable on over 1,000 projects, being formatting champs and the backbone of accurate reporting on projects.

Back home in Christchurch after six years in Australia, Sarah says she can’t get enough of the fresh air and of being outside in her beautiful hometown, exploring and discovering new spaces with her kids.


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