Our standard

At Harrison Grierson, we're committed to sustainable development and ensuring a productive, safe and healthy environment. This commitment applies to our own operations and to the products and services we offer our clients. Overall, our aim is to maximise the social, cultural, environmental and financial outcomes for our company, our clients and the wider community.

Our commitment

We're commited to:

  • Assessing new business opportunities, work systems, practices and equipment from a sustainability perspective.
  • Encouraging problem-solving across the business to improve social, cultural, environmental and financial outcomes for all our projects.
  • Reporting and investigating any environmental issues or incidents the improving systems and practices to prevent recurrence.
  • Ensuring we comply with all requirements including relevant legislation and current industry standards.
  • Informing our employees, contractors, suppliers and clients about any relevant sustainability issues.
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets.


Our Managers are responsible for implementing our sustainability policy. This includes:

  • Enabling achievement of our environmental and sustainability commitments.
  • Collaborating with the Sustainability@HG group in the development, promotion, implementation and review of procedures and learning and development processes regarding sustainability.

Employees, Contractors and Suppliers will:

  • Comply with Harrison Grierson's policies, procedures and standards.
  • Report all known or observed environmental hazards to manager.


Feedback regarding sustainability matters and improvement ideas is welcome and encouraged.

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