Redhills Green - Creating a Model Community

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Redhills Green in West Auckland is being developed as a model community for the 21st century.

The $625m Redhills Green development by Hugh Green Group Limited (HGG) lies on 256 hectares in north-west Auckland, adjacent to the Westgate/Massey North Metropolitan Centre. The land is located within the Auckland Unitary Plan’s Redhills Precinct.

Redhills Green has been master-planned as a continuous ‘ribbon’ of villages, intended to address the challenges arising from evolving work and living arrangements, climate change, and population growth. Once completed, it will contain four separate villages each with their own identity reflecting the character of their landscape and forming the focus of the residential community around it. There will be three high-quality medium-density villages, Raphoe, Waiteputa, and Te Ngahere surrounding Oilean, a denser village at the heart of the valley.

A local centre will provide a focal point for the precinct. Proposed schools, extensive parks and stream corridors, green roads (high amenity priority cycle and pedestrian circuits) and public transport routes will create a sense of place and an attractive environment for more intensive residential development in and around the local centre.

The first village to be developed is Raphoe. The detailed design and specifications for Raphoe have been carefully developed, mindful that this first stage effectively lays the platform for the success of the remainder of Redhills Green.  

Our services

  • HGG commissioned a range of specialist firms, including HG, to design and deliver their vision of creating a wonderful new mixed-use community. 

  • We collaborated closely with HGG and with the architects who led the master-planning work for Redhills Green.

  • We subsequently led the detailed design process and prepared the resource consent applications required for the delivery of Raphoe.

  • Now, in the construction phase, we are at the core of the delivery team, working with the contractors involved to deliver on the masterplan vision for Redhills Green.

Our services have included:

  • Program management

  • Project management

  • Surveying

  • Urban design

  • Civil engineering

  • Stormwater engineering

  • Transport planning

  • Traffic engineering

  • Structural engineering

  • Procurement

  • Contract administration

  • Construction observations

HG innovation, smart thinking

Additionally, our digital team has developed a bespoke geospatial project viewer for Redhills Green. The viewer provides an interactive map of the project area with all the relevant information in one place to enhance collaboration and decision-making. Data layers on the map include contextual information, cadastral data, aerial imagery, relevant models, GIS layers, design files, geotechnical data, and photos. Our project viewer provides a single source of truth and is updated in real time. 

This enables better visualisation, collaboration, decision-making, and risk management across the life of the project, and drives significant time savings. Built on ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1, with automated data transformation leveraging FME Server 2021.2, the viewer works with both contextual and project-specific data and enables the creation of easy- to-use self-service applications for photos/reports and CAD updates. 

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