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Even though we have over 135 years’ experience under our belt, we still get excited when we find new and better ways to work. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, driving businesses forward towards more efficient and effective ways of doing things. For Harrison Grierson, a digital future means understanding the value of data and helping our clients to make the most of it to enable smarter decision making.

HG Digital lead our clients into the future. Leveraging our expertise in location intelligence and HG’s rich history, we’re reimagining how digital can play a role in creating communities and driving business performance.

We partner with you to imagine the possible.

our story

Every business has access to its own data. It’s how you utilise what’s relevant, that’s important. We help identify what you need to know, where to access it and help join the dots. Our specialist insight makes the complex simple.

Visualise this

  • A world where you can make better and more informed business decisions quickly, based on insights you didn’t previously have.
  • Instantaneous insights at the click of a mouse, mined from previously untapped or unconnected data.
  • Real-time information linked to locations important to your business.

can't quite see it?

  • selecting land for a property development. There are so many factors to take into consideration - soil type, waterways, drainage, roads, zoning, public transport, shopping centres, schools, the list goes on. We bring together both physical and dynamic data on a map, making your decision making process that much easier. That’s valuable information at your fingertips.
  • a business with sites across New Zealand. Manage them on a map with their own specific information – lease, value, maintenance, and more. Click on a property to access it, set alerts and run a portfolio analysis. It’s simple, efficient and saves on your time.
  • simplifying how an airport tracks changes to physical hazards, or an insurance broker instantly assessing a farm’s risk profile based on digitally visible flood cycles and soil types.

Visualising all of this on a map or dashboard makes data meaningful and easy to understand. We do all of that for you.

Our services

  • Strategic consulting and advisory
  • Location (GIS) data standards
  • Digital solutions – end-to-end design, integration and delivery
  • Data analytics, modelling and management
  • Data visualisation and mapping
  • Addressing solutions
  • Tailored support and maintenance services
  • Microsoft Gold (Azure) and Esri Bronze partners

Powerful insights

HG’s speciality is urban development in Aotearoa. HG Digital’s unique location intelligence enhances this offer. It’s that powerful.

We make the complex simple by informing better decision making through previously hidden ‘location linked’ insights. It’s hard to imagine what it could do for you if you don’t know. We can make it happen.

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