As the world’s environment becomes increasingly volatile and the climate debate heats up, so too does the need to develop innovative and cost effective solutions for water infrastructure. Water supply, wastewater management and stormwater design – even air quality and solid waste management – are all important aspects of water management. Environmental and drinking water legislation is also creating an increasing demand for engineering expertise. Against this constantly shifting backdrop, our specialist water infrastructure and environmental professionals have extensive global experience to bring to any project.


Managing stormwater flows and risks of the discharge of contaminants to the environment is a matter of growing concern for many communities and regulatory authorities. The challenges today require an integrated approach to stormwater design that controls floodwaters and protects our natural streams, wetlands, lakes, harbours and coastal environments.

We can provide location specific expertise in developing catchment and stormwater management strategies for your project. Our planning and design methods integrate with measures such as flood control, water quality, the protection of natural areas and access for the public to recreational spaces.


Wastewater treatment employs wastewater management strategies including all aspects of liquid and solids processing, as well as effluent disposal for both municipal and industrial clients. Services include master plans, feasibility studies, pilot plant studies, conceptual design, final design, construction management, startup and training, operations troubleshooting, and process and energy optimisation.

Our collaborative spirit ensures best practice across a multidisciplinary environment. Our services include master planning, route selection, sewer design, consent applications, sewer overflow control technologies and rehabilitation programmes.


A plentiful quantity of drinkable water is the foundation of healthy communities and a strong catalyst for regional economic development. In addition to our extensive network infrastructure experience, our process designs are based on raw water quality and completed treatment plants range from conventional to membrane filtration.

In addition, we have considerable experience in treatments for specific chemical contaminants and various disinfection technologies. Individual treatment systems include reverse osmosis, ion exchange, granular activated carbon absorption, ozonation, ultraviolet radiation, and a wide range of chemical feed systems for coagulation, fluoridation, taste and odour control, disinfection and oxidation.


With air pollution now a major environmental issue, Harrison Grierson specialists offer practical and cost effective solutions. We can measure, model and predict air quality conditions in just about any environment, prepare diligent ‘assessment of effects’ reports, and make applications for resource consents. Other services include, source and emission inventories, odour and fugitive dust emission studies, numerical dispersion modelling, on site assessments, design, consenting and permit applications.


Our teams of specialists provide sustainability advice to client organisations on a wide range of environmental, social and economic issues. As well as specialising in proactively evaluating environmental protection, social equity, economic viability and the efficient use of resources, we are frequently assessing projects with respect to climate change effects. In many instances our clients have increased their market profile and profitability as a result of working with Harrison Grierson on sustainability initiatives.